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This was one of the funniest things I've seen in a long time. Bonaire's windsurfing promise Kiri, demonstrated it in Bonaire while I was training there. I've tried to do it but it seemed imposible to get the nose underwater while sailing in the footstraps. However, it is posible using the right technique. What makes this trick work is the fact that your forward motion will increase you nose submersion. So you'll only need just a tiny portion of you nose underwater and some presure in the sail to get it done. Initiate on a reach. Use your heals to get the board slightly on one side. Once your rail is in the water, lean forward while retaining presure in your sail. Once you feel that your being pulled into a submersed forward loop, push your sail-arm to get get the upwind 360 part going. Hang-on, follow-trough like a normal upwind 360 and smile, you've just done the Gecko.

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