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Yeah, I know should update more... The blog is getting competition from facebook, which is far easier to maintain than this archaic thing I wrote in 2004. This is the Nui blog entry I should have posted around November last year. That's when my baby girl Nui Schnitzler was born. To be exact, November 11th 2010. This means that she'll turn 1 on 11.11.11. Every day is completely different, I'm amazed of the pace in which she seems to be exploring the world. Trying to crawl from the moment we got her home, she was able to roll over to her belly and back to her back in 5 weeks. At 5 months she did a skydive from her bed because we hadn't noticed that she was actually able to standup by herself. A few days later she was creeping around the house and now she has mad speed. Taking obstacles is no problem, up and down the stairs at 7 months. She loves swimming and I got her on my paddle board for the first time a few weeks ago. I've included 1 picture of every month until now. Once I figured out what I want to do with this blog, I'll revamp it with a bit more up to date tech and look. Maybe I'll even update it every now and again. ;-)

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