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There is this Belgian girl on Bonaire. She is super into kiting, but not really experienced. Being so into it is a good thing, if she would understand the dangers. But she doesn't. It doesn't matter how many expert kiters (Not me, I still suck),try to explain about the dangers of the dead offshore winds and currents, she still neglects everything they say. The problem is that by putting herself at risk, she also puts us at risk. If she'd really be in danger, we will have to attempt to rescue her and by that risk our own life for her stubbornness. Today however, she dropped her kite when she was way out. (Which in dead offshore windis a bad thing, since the shore consists out of just a small suitable landing area. Against all advice, she went out in really low winds. At some point she must have done something wrong, because she got detached from the kite. Helpless we stood by as the wind and current caught her kite and dragged it to the horizon. We tried to call for rescue boats, but we could get none. One of us took a surfboard and flippers and paddled out to her. He found her swimming, she'd also lost her board. It took them some time to get to shore. Although everybody felt like telling her off, we comforted her as we watched her kite-set disappear in the horizon.

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