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Jeroen, his girlfriend and I brought my father to the airport really early. Then we headed out to find out if Arubian local breakfast (pastechi) is as good as my home island's. There is always rivallery between children of Curacao and Arubians.We finally found some pastechi at "Arco iris" and I have to admit there pretty good. I leave final judgement to the reader...I surfed Dos Playa again. It wasn't as good as yesterday. However, the super light blue water and the scenery made the whole trip worth it. We deceided to have the farewell dinner at the Buckaneer. Which is a seafood restaurant build like a ship. Surrounded by a hudge aquarium, with turtle's, morene eals and fish we ate a greatmeal. The buckaneer is definetly a not to miss restaurant if you're in Aruba.

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