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I saw on the net that a small swell was arriving to our region. Jeroen took me to a spot called "Dos Playa". It's located within the Arubian national park. The park itself is beautifull. The terrain, again differs pretty mutch from Bonaire and Curacao. It seems mutch more hilly. Jeroen told me that not so long ago he tooksome photos of a Boa constrictor in the park. Apparently some idiot let loose about 15 of them. Without any natural enemy they flourished. Eating bird nests and local rabbits, called "Conew". Dos Play is a beach break. It has a steep drop and and is a pretty fast wave. The bay itself is pretty small. Local surfers say that the break can hold 8 ft plus swell. When we arrived it was not bad. 2 - 3 ft rideablehollow waves. Surfed untill sunset. Tired we took the long ride back. Went to the casino with my dad. I haven't been in a casino since I was 16 or something. I remember winning with a buddy of mine at the black jack table. History sure repeated itself, I left the casino with a big grin and 175 dollar in my pocket. That grin dissapeared when we got to the car. A flat tire and a flat spare.

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