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It's six AM. I hate getting up before dawn, unless there is a giant swell and it's glassy. But instead we have to get to the airport. Packed my surfboard and kite-set. It's only going to be for three days. I'm pretty stoked. I have not been to Aruba for six years. Long time ago, when I was around 11, I had a good friend of mine living there. I went to Aruba every chance I had. Later in Holland, while studying,I befriended another Arubian. Jeroen Westrate, who was Aruba's premier export product for some time. He sailed the worldcup for a year. I competed against him in some inter island competetion, but it was in Holland where we got close. We shared homesickness and could talk for hours about the ocean, while the city had us besieged. Anyway he got out about the same time I did, so it would be cool to see him again. I met my father in the plane when it made a pitstop at Curacao. Jeroen who we found a couple of hours after landing, had arangeda Jeep for us. I've told him to get us something cheap, and he did. I really love wrecks. Never really cared for automotive glory. It just need to work. (Go forward and is stearable). You don't have to worry about getting sand in it, washing it or scatching it. We got a great breakfast at the Mariot hotel, where it became clear to me again, how Americans get so overweigth. If I didn't have this special gene keeping me thin, I'd be 200 pounds. My father got dissapointing news after he's preoptive eye exam.He wasn't a good candidate for laser surgury. He really had his hopes up. To get over it we went eating at Amazonia, where we ate meat untill we couldn't walk. All this eating... I need to do either some surfing or kiting!Jeroen and I decided to go surfing in the morning.

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