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Got up early, ready for my kite experience. I've tried it a three times on Curacao, each time I had to rescue myself. I've heard good things about kiteing on the Atlantis spot. I'm a bit frightend however, since the wind is directly offshore. 9 am at Atlantis, no wind and no Pieter. We decided to drive on to Sorobon checking for possible surf spots along the way. Rumor has it that red slaves harbours a magical wrapping point break. Red slaves isn't working today, but I'm sure the rumour will be confirmed later in this trip. The lighthouse, a couple of miles further ahead also seems to mark a surfable spot. The waves, however, lack the size to convince me to test it out. At Sorobon, I meet some old friends. Elvis "Pisketchi" Martinez is one of the first windsurfers of the Netherlands Antilles. I think he has been windsurfing since 1975. I've competed against him for many years and he has organised numerous events, including the prestige PWA events on Bonaire. Elvis' passion for windsurfing and igniting the flame in prospective windsurfers has never decreased. He has nurtured some of todays top pro's and is pushing Bonaires next professional crop. From Sorobon we had back to Atlantis,to check if there is some kite action. Pieter and hiskite friends are already going at it on big kites. As I'm rigging the kite Sky and his father Mike Solbach arrive at the beach. They used to be a windsurfing family of four, but allhave turned to kiteing. Sky is now a fully sponsered top kiteboarder. The last time I saw him was about six years ago when Sky's brother Josh, Sky an I charged Bonaire's wave spot kai. We used to dream about being pro windsurfers, at least his dream came true. Sky was pretty unlucking, the thirth day of his three month training time on Bonaire he broke his ankel. He still has his cast on, it'll take at least 2 more weeks for him to get onthe water. There was just enough wind for me to fly the kite.I practised bodydragging and fought not to be blown to see. It wasn't very incouraging to hear that nobody learned to kiteboard at Atlantis without boat support. Hilde and I got back to our appartment cooked some food and fell fast asleep. Tommorow is Bonaire's carnaval.

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