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Thinking the car would be arriving early we headed to Playa to collect it. The usual Antillian pace, however, caught up with us and we had towait till 16.00 for the car to be released. We enjoyed walking around Playa, talking to the fisherman about their catch and exchanging fish stories from our two islands. After collecting the car we met up with Pieter Sweers, who I've knownsince I was 11. Pieter, the only pharmasist on Bonaire has been an over-active windsurfer for most of his life. He now has a new passion, kite boarding. He flies higher and under more controll then most guys I've, seen who are half his age. For my birthday, a month ago, I bought one of his kites, and I'm eager to learn this sport. Since Kiteboarding has been banned from the best location on Bonaire, I will have to learn from another location where offshore wind and deep water will definitely not make the learning curve easy. Of course I've cheated a little by trying it out on Curacao with my friends Robbie and Edwin, who've been kiting for some time now. I'll probably see them on Bonaire in a few weeks. The plan for tommorow is to go kiteboarding in the morning, Windsurfing in during the day and hopefully some surfing in the afternoon.

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