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A week ago Hert started to track a swell heading to KC and we started to plan how to get there. Luckily, Berend just bought a kick ass boat. So this was going to be the maiden voyage. Hert went with another boat of surfers and left at 0400. We left at 0900. The sea was rough, an Easter swell had joined the fun and winds were blowing around 25 knots. The right-hander was pumping. Rolling stones, as Mau once dubbed, it was making the trip worthwhile! Hilde, Helene and I rigged our windsurfers on the boat while Berend, Sten and Michiel headed to the break. Michiel arrived first and witnessed Wong taking off on a monster wave. I tried to tow my surfboard to the point, but struggled with it to get it there. When I finally joined everyone in the lineup I could see Herts crew had been going at it for hours before we came and they where exhausted. After a couple of great waves I got pounded pretty hard on a rogue set which also snapped Pieters board right in two. (Yes Mau, your creation). I was exhausted but since I never windsurfed the right-hander I decided to try it out. Although I didn't catch too many waves, I can already say that this wave with wind is the best I've windsurfed.. Can't wait until Herts next call.

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