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We took a 24 mile Berber cameltrip from Sidi Kaouki to what Bruno described as "a big waterfall where you can swim". I thought it was a walk in the park, having the camel do all the work. It didn't work out that way. The journey was very heavy, it took a lot of strenght just to keep on the beasts as they went from beaches to cliffs to valleys until we reached our destination. Bruno's waterfall was a bit smaller then advertised, which was pretty funny. In the winter however, it is hudge. It was beautiful anyway. After dessert-like environment for miles, there where frogs and turtles walking about. The Berbers cooked us a nice fish and we went back on the 2.5 hour trail home. The winds picked up and we had to battle the daily 40+ winds of Sidi Kaouki. After arriving and some mint tea, I crashed and woke up next morning.

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