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Some dub the spot Unicorn, because the conditions that make it work aren't often there. The Klein Curacao left works mainly on windswell. You'll need a couple of days of very strong wind, preferably in a large area East of us. You always know something is happening when friends start calling if you know of any boats going to KC. With conditions like this a lot of the regular trips get cancelled because of the choppy seas, and it happened more then once surfers saw perfect waves while the boat turned around because the regular captain got worried about the regular passengers. We took no chance and chartered a boat and departed at 0700. The ride up there was no walk in the park, as I almost got seasick. When we arrived there, we were a bit let down by the wind, but Unicorn was producing shoulder high perfect barrels. The surfers among us wasted no time and immediately began charging. The windsurfers rigged and slogged to the point. The wave however had enough power to pull you in nicely. Full speed down the line and make as many top turns until your body cramped out. Victor had terrible luck, went over the falls on his first wave and had the reef chew up his sail. After a few exhausting hours of no planing wave catching, we took a break. After the break however, the wind came. Around 3 O' clock it got so strong that it became extremely hard to hold on to the rig on the top turn. At that time most of our windsurfer group were on the beach already with bloody hands and blisters and extremely well done. Victor, Hilde and myself windsurfed until the boat picked us up. We derigged in the water and could only wish we could stay longer. I need to get myself a boat..

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