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The magical Klein Curacao righthander. Every surfer on the island, has wondered; How would it be on a big north swell with 14+ periods. Usually this happens when we get one of our yearly near Hurricane hits. The winds always become offshore and if it's not too big, like Dean, we'll have magical surf at Curacao. But still, we wonder, what would this swell, with our dominant trade wind, do on the Klein Curacao reef. We've got our answer today. We left with the Valerie Ann at 0600 am. I fell a sleep before we've left, but I'm told that the ocean was showing massive ground swell reaching as far as the eye can see. I woke up when we neared Klein Curacao, because everybody was shouting. (Where can a working man get some rest nowadays?) When I came out, the righthander was firing. Actually the whole south side was firing. 3 ft waves hitting the whole south shore, destroying the beach. On the right peak, 8 footers where jacking up hitting the shallow reef. The water around the island is at least 700 meters deep. These waves travelled unobstructed until they hit here. After the waves exploded, water rushed over the coral barrier and onto the island. We had to move our stuff back about 4 times, until we've placed everything 20 meters from the coral rubble. On the water it was clear that most of us had trouble in these wave sizes. Marijntje and his brother Alex were completely fired up and dropping in on bombs as if this was their regular surf diet. After a few drops followed by brutal wipes and hold downs, I got a few nice ones in. Then I caught my biggest KC wave, made the drop, fought for control and made the crucial turn down the line. The whole line formed into this massive tube and being way low, I tried to go all out to outrun this thing. I barely managed to come out that section when the rest of the line closed out. Trying to punch through the wall I came up short and went over the falls pushed down on my back on the reef. I came up with only a scratch on my elbow, which hit the reef harder then my back. After that wave I was done. Fred, Marijntje and Alex went for a second session, but the wave had grown and they had trouble to catch anything. Fred pulled in, bailed and his leach broke. He ended up on the rocks, hurting his hip as he was smashed on the rocks. Marijntje and Alex caught the last and only wave of the second session and all we could do was talk about the amazing things we've seen today. Later we would hear that this swell was so big that it destroyed kanoa, ripping up the concrete parasols on the beach. This day will be remembered as the day of the Rolling Stones. The boulders of coral you could see and here rolling everywhere. What a day.

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