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Elvis called me up last Tuesday. If I wanted to compete in the Bonaire Wave Challenge? Well, of course! I have nothing better to do than have my butt kicked by Tonky and Taty. So I asked Victor if he wanted to join, we packed up, send our gear with the Don Andres and where on Bonaire on Saturday. The wind was howling, like it had for the past weeks and the wave spot at Lac was producing nice ramps to play with. I was able to rent a citroen from Jeroen, which comes standard with some kind of hydraulics wheel suspension system. Every time you start the car it rises up. Anyway, on competition day the wind took a break. The waves where there, but I could hardly plane on my 77L board. We still had a lot of fun, Bonaire always has a great atmosphere. Next year, the contest will be bigger and have a longer waiting period. The results where predictable: Taty, Tonky, Kiri, Choco, followed by yours truly.

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