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February has been a very good month! Had good snowboarding, perfect surf and now great windsurf conditions. Can it get any better than this? It might, next Saterday, there should be about 3m surf, with 10 s period and 25+ knts winds...
Today started with an early 7 O'clock surf session with Marijn at Kanoa. Surf was not too great, the wind was allready howling. Met Hilde, Oscar, Steve and Victor at Windsurfing Curacao and loaded our gear in two pickups. Ghostfactory was going off. Since discovery, I've had two more mediocre days at the factory and we never got it so windy and with swell as today. If the swell would turn just a few degrees South we're going to find out how good this spot really can be! After a couple of close encounters of the reef kind, and boosting Steve's pickups dead battery we headed to Windsurfing Curacao for a last freestyle session. I was in bed by 9...

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