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Phone rang for two days. It was Herald "Hert", who discovered a small ground swell heading straight for Klein Curacao. Although the peak would hit at 2am and it looked like it would die fast afterwards, Hert was sure that it would be surfable. Now Klein and I have had a rough relationship. I've been skunked numerous days, but when you get there when it's on, it's really on. So I called up Oscar, who immediately took a holiday. Hilde had been pretty busy with the school, but didn't want to miss this. We where lucky that it supposed to hit on Wednesday, because Miss Ann boattrips has a weekly trip to Klein that day. We were extra lucky that they scheduled the "Miss Justine", which takes you there in just over one hour. Because there was another swell travelling in another direction, during the trip to Klein it looked like it would not produce anything. But just when we arrived at the island, the righthander showed us a fast barreling 4ft wave, shooting down the reef. After being dropped off, we walked to the point, made a quick shade from driftwood and hit the water around 9:30 am. Hert had the honor of the first ride and he was well excited. My first ride took me all the way, through two connecting peaks. After a few down the line races we got barrel fever. Every big wave produced a super clean barrel, mellowed out and jacked up again to produce another section. The smaller waves were just as much fun, but brought you close to the sharp reef. I had my most amazing barrel ride, standing way deep in the pit, while Hert was screaming on the other end of the tunnel. This lasted not more then a second, before it exploded on me. Hert said it would have been makeable with more speed. (And I guess a better surfer, would help too) Hert got his share of barrels. I got punished for dropping on a closeout and hit the reef with my back. Pretty lucky, just some scratches on my back and hand and I could continue. Hilde and Oscar made incredible drops, which I'm sure are flashing trough their brains as I write this. When the boat picked us up 6 hours later we were completely satisfied. The waves died out about 15 minutes before pickup and my arms felt like spaghetti arms.

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