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The nice thing about an island like Curacao is the fact that a mini-vacation is around every corner. Hilde and I had allready made time to chill out on the west-side of the island, when Marijn, who just returned to his home island, called me up and asked if we could help him and Nieske sail a boat back from westpoint. I know Jack S about sailing a sailboat, but it seemed a great idea. We arrived on the Melody, parked at playa forty around 10.30 and set sail for playa Manzalinam, where we would spend the night. The boat, "Melody", got us there without any delays and we jumped in the crystal blue water for a snorkeling session. Hilde soon found a big lobster. After checking that it didn't have eggs. (It wasa male) Marijn and I spend half an hour of catching it. We didn't have any catching equipment, so it was just us a boat pole and our bare hands. Eventually I got over my fear of his spines and was able to push him down and work his tail under his belly.We then had to swim it to the boat, which meant treading water, because I was too afraid it would escape if it came in the water.About half an hour later, we ate the perfect lobster meal, with lots of garlic to a perfect horizon on a perfect beach. It was more then enough for all four of us. At night the stars where brighter than I ever seen on Curacao. We tried to sleepthrough the freak waves in the middle of the night and set sail the following morning around eight o' clock.The wind was anything but steady. We almost had to engine some parts, because of no wind and sometimes had 25 knots to deal with.Halveway through some big windfield we spotted a dolphin flying about 2 m in the air. Soon enough the whole school was jumping around the boat. We arrived at the spanish waters just after noon.

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