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It's funny how sometimes you are looking for things that are right in front of you and never find them. Curacao has been discovered by windsurfers a long time ago and we've always wished we had a good wave for wavesailing. Countless times have we travelled to Klein Curacao, for either perfect waves or total skunk. Until today.The good predictions Windguru had for us had changed a few days ago to okay predictions, but it had fueled the desire to do something other then freestyle. We've had our eyes on a spot nearby that could produce a rideable wave, but it was very small and closing out on the rocks. We then checked Jan Thiel, but the wind looked gusty and there was not a lot of swell. Dissapointed we went back to Windsurfing Curacao and agreed to check another spot, we had on our potential list, but never seen it when there was wind. What we've encountered will change the way we see windsurfing on Curacao. A fast lefthander breaking on a reef deep enough to windsurf. The launch is pretty gnarly and the wave appeares to break on a very shallow reef. Steve and I did a rock, paper, scissors draw to find out who had the honor to jump over the sharp rocks and into a reef, where we could not tell how deep it was, with the windsurfing equipment.To our surprise, Steve just sailed out without hitting any reef, or being eaten by a wave! The conditions where minimal, but the wave was surfable and fun even without a big swell. Two sails, a batten, a hurt foot and about 50 sea-urgins later we were totally happy. This thing can catch any windswell and is rideable anytime the wind blows! How lucky are we now! A great spot 15 minutes from home! Drove a hundred times 100 meters passed it and never saw the water. Because of a now empty factory in the proximity, we've dubbed this spot "Ghost factory". (Allthough surfers have claimed it long before us) More pictures are sure to follow, when the wind blows again!

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