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Before I really knew it we arrived in Santo Domingo, the capital of the Dominican Republic. The day before yesterday I still had know idea that I would be here today. Since Holland was playing Portugal on Sunday and its just before the peak season in Curacao, we've decided to do a quick trip to the DR. We where greeted by my fathers good friend Francois,who moved to the DR with his Dominican wife Terre a couple of years ago. Francois appeared to have settled in completely like an authentic Dominican. Everywhere we went, from Boca Chica to the slums every one on the street seemed to know him. Francois showed us a glance of the D.R which you would not see as a tourist. Coming from the relatively rich island of Curacao,we where in a complete different world within one hour, seeing the hardships which are a daily routine for so many people.We will stay with Francois and Terre for two days before heading to Cabarette.

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