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Jeffrey's Bay, the legendary righthander. To me, as a regular footed surfer, on the top of my must surfed lists. J-Bay is a small village, which until the 1960 was something of a hippy village. Then the wave was discovered and since that day surfers from all over the world flock to this break. If all the breaks connect you'll have a wave which you can ride for up to 1.2 km! (That is if you make the heavy barrelling sections alive). The break consists out of multiple peaks. Best known is Supertubes, which is exploding on a bone crunching reef. When we arrived in the morning Supers was going off. However, we didn't want to be the stupid tourists that immediately jumped in at supers and hassle, we moved one peak down, which is called "The point". It proved to be very successful, I've surfed my longest waves ever! It was a nice 4ft face. This wall just kept on going for ever. You can enter the water, catch a wave and ride it, then walk back over the beach for about ten minutes and start over. Of course, nobody took any pictures. The next day the waves where somewhat smaller, but still nice and clean. Fortunately we got some nice pictures of that day. The last day the waves where bigger again, but not as clean as the first day. But this righthander is definitely the best wave I've ever surfed. We raced back to Cape Town, because we'releaving the 22nd. Next entry will probably be from home. I'm going to miss South Africa.

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