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Woke up this morning in the train. After a quick breakfast, we checked out the Mossel Bay surf. Summer is supposedly flat but the freak swell, they had been predicting had indeed started. Mossel Bay has two very nice breaks right in the town centre. What is also very nice, is the water temp. Just like home! (but with some wind-chill) You got to jump in over some dodgy rocks, but not as bad as our homebreak. Inner pool is a wave that kinda breaks like "Klein Curacao" at home. The peak start close to the rocks and city wall. You surf a couple of meters from the rocks. Inner pool is a fun surfy wave. I got attracted by outer pool. Outer pool is at the same spot, but 50 meters or so out. It breaks on a deeper reef and handles the bigger swell. According to locals it we caught it at with maximum swell it already started closing out every so often. I'd say it was 5-6ft solid surf. Outer pool starts pealing nicely on the reef, than smoothly wraps around the reef with a big barrel section. (Which I didn't even go for). I surfed there almost the whole time alone. I just can't get the sharks out of my head. With white shark cage diving 27 km away, I get a hearth attack every time I see a seal or a dolphin. The strong offshore wind, made the spray of the wave fall down like snow. As a regular footer I love this wave! After our midday session, we continued our journey to Jeffrey's Bay. From Mossel Bay it's about 3 hours, past Knynsa, Wilderness and the highest bungee jump in the world (216 metres). We settled in our new home at the backpacker's hostel island style, where we sleep in a dorm with 12 other people. Tomorrow I hope we can charge the waves at J-Bay.

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