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I'm writing this entry, sitting in bed in an old train. Overlooking the beach and hearing loud South African holiday makers having fun. We are on our way to Jeffrey's Bay, or J-Bay as the famous right-hander is known. Mosselbay is our stopover, after driving for 4 hours from Cape Town. It's a wonder we got so far and on schedule. Yesterday, the mere idea that we would have been halve way to J-Bay was like a bad joke. Yesterday was jinxed by some voodoo priest. It all started when we had to change in our beloved Beetle for a VW CTI. Our Beetle didn't want to be changed. After been called back home by Jasper halfway (I packed his wetsuit by mistake), the Beetle stopped in the middle of the R27 highway and in the middle of a bridge. Almost on the same spot, where we had turned around for the suit. We had to be towed to the car rental place. We got a great looking VW CTI, with car-radio and proceeded for a surf session. Just before arriving home from the surf session, halfway through the gate of our complex, the CTI left front wheels suspension broke with a bang. This was a problem since the next day, today, we would be leaving for J-Bay, plus it is a public holiday which means that the car rental place would be closed. J-Bay seemed to be hard to get to. What made it worse was that big surf had been predicted. Riding J-Bay is a dream for me, but it being summer meant that all we could expect would be sloppy crowded surf. But our luck turned unexpectedly. With almost no hope left, the car rental returned my call and made arrangements to swap the car the next day. Today started with a eight o'clock surf session at Big Bay, followed by a great breakfast at Primi, a packing session (we had to leave the house today as well) and after swapping the broken car for a working one, we where on our way. Four hours later, driving through the SA countryside over the N2, we arrived at our destination. A hostel located in an abandoned train on the beach. Tomorrow we'll surf Mosselbay. I'm not going to be stopped by all the folders of white-shark cage diving in the neighbourhood.

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