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Good winds have arrived. Yesterday we had a great freestyle session at Langebaan, in assumption that the predicted swell would arrive today. The swell arrived earlier than expected, but it will last at least a couple of days. We headed to sunset early and the South Easter, known as the Cape Doctor came at about 12. Sunset is a pretty fast break and known to cause a lot of equipment damage with its hollow shorebreak. After a couple of hours the wind got too strong for a 5.3. So we packed up and headed north to Big Bay. At Big Bay I rigged up a 4.5 and Hilde took a 4.0. It was perfect wind. The waves where a bit messy, but 3 m sets every now and then rolled in. In the 3 hour session we had there, nobody was willing to do any camara work, so no pics of Big Bay yet.

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