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After the strong winds of two days ago and the prospect of a slow day today, Jasper, Hilde and I headed to Hermanus. Hermanus is about 122 kilometres East of Cape town and one of the best places in the world for whale watching. We filled up the Beetle, packed some extra oil and food and started what would turn out to be just under two hours driving. Hermanus is a nice little town build on a cliff overlooking the ocean. We arrived early and the town looked pretty quiet. After finding a nice secluded bench we set out to spot our first whale. It didn't take long, before we found our first whale. They where pretty far away though. Hermanus has a fulltime "whale crier", who if he spots a whale will blow a big horn. We decided to move a bit more towards this "whale crier" and got lucky immediately. As the crowd grew, humpbacks where breaching and I was able to make some great pictures. After a while two Southerns got even closer and stayed about 100 meters from the cliff for at least 30 minutes. Under the intense scrutiny of a large pack of hungry and unfrightend "dassies" we enjoyed many of these magnificent creatures the whole day.

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