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Since the winds where light in Cape Town, we followed Jasper and Tim to Langebaan. Langebaan is flatwater lake which is connected to the ocean. It's usually still windy when the Cape is down. However, it's a long drive on a straight road with an occasional ostrich checking you out. About 120 km, I would say. South Africans have a pretty social highway system. It's a two-way lane, with two special lanes like "vlucht strook" in Holland. If you see a car behind you who's going faster than you, you move over to the "vlucht strook" instead of the faster car having to perform a dangerous overtaking procedure. After the car passes you, it thanks you by flashing its hazzard lights. Riding the Beetle, we where flashed about a million times. Langebaan is great. The water is not as cold as the ocean and the wind blows like crazy. It is hudge, which you can not tell when you just see a picture. Apparently whales occasionally come into the bay. I saw some jelly fish, which would probably be about a cubic meter big. Fortunately I didn't hit any. On the way back at the end of the road, our trusty Beetle protested a bit by shutting down at a busy crossroad. After about ten minutes of talking to it and promising it more gas, it started again and barely made it back home. A dirty idler jet, was cleaned and it's running smoothly again.

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