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The weather is improving, it's already a bit warmer. We started our day with a homemade South African breakfast with eggs and boerewors. After that we went on to look for a cheap video camera. According to the Lonely Planet Hans gave me, the biggest shopping mall of the African continent should be close to us. The roadmap however, was a bit outdated and but it lead us to a very nice wildfire, which could be seen for miles. In the mall I found the strangest kit I've ever seen hung on the wall. Apparently we live in such dangerous times that soon these things will be all over the world. The kit was a bombbag kit. Instructions if you happen to seen a bomb in the mall:

1 Break the glass with your shoe to get the key.
2 Get the bombbag out of the kit.
3 Walk to the explosixe device and put it in the bombbag.
4 Then run like hell.

Hmm, I think I'll just run like hell. We finished the day at Bigbay, where the wind was howling. The waves were pretty small though. Tonight I'm going to try to bake my first "volstruis" (austrich) steak. Yummy!

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