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On Big Bay I found a small car-poster offering Beetles. This turned out to be the cheapest, car-rental we could find. Since we have a very limited budget, that's all we could afford. The Beetle is in great shape. Under the dashboard there is a small gas filled canister which will inflate one tire, as the owner put it, "In case, you don't trust it to change tires on that location" Furthermore there is a fire extinguisher under the steering wheel, because "Beetles, do catch on fire sometime". But really it's all precaution.
Everywhere in the world it appears that the weather is messed up. In our Caribbean home, we had a record number of Hurricanes for two seasons already and the wind drops later and comes back later in the season. In Holland, we just experienced multiple 20+ C days in late October, while a couple of years ago it was already freezing minus 8 C. South Africa is not excluded. When we arrived, it had just rained, which isalso rare for November and the temperature is pretty low. This is also rare according to the locals. Global warming? Or just natural cyclic changes with a hudge timespan? I don't know, but I hope the changes will keep the winds blowing harder and the waves building higher.

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