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I've lived in the Netherlands for six years while studying. That time I considered Scheveningen, near the Hague, my home spot. Before moving to Holland from my Caribbean home island, I never thought I'd ever be attracted to the cold brown Dutch waters. However, Holland proved itself a great place to windsurf. In Autum, strong winds and good windswell can hit the beaches and we where hoping to get some on our stop-over to South Africa. That we did, two days of nice swell and mellow winds followed by todays nuclear 35+ knots winds. The morning started out misserable, with a strong wind accompanied with even harder rain. Not taking any chances Tico set up to video some action,while Hilde shot some stills. Both where tortured by the wind and rain, but got some great shots. Later that day, the rain stopped and the sun came out to play, while the winds just kept blowing and the waves kept building. I've heard that we've been very lucky, my Scheveningen friends had been dry for months. I logged in four hours plus windsurfing and am sure I'll be feeling that for days to come.

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