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The whole week have we watched and checked the fifth tropical depression turn into the fourth tropical storm and now into hurricane Emily. The unusual birthplace in the south Atlantic and its westerly course had put us right in its path. But fortunately, like her predecessors before her did in the last 125 years, she changed to a north westerly course. With a tropical storm warning still in effect, at least we were out of danger. Passing us around 2.00 am, I'd anticipated her swell reaching us before dawn and probably running out of steam around 10 am. So I called up my surf buds for a dawn patrol. Sunrise at 6.18 am so we where there at 6.15. When the first light touched the water we could see what we had hoped for. A bit smaller then expected, but just as clean. Line after line coming in and slamming into our coast. It took some time getting used to these waves.With the straight off-shore breeze the waves would only allow you to drop in on a very vertical face. The ride was glass smooth. I can't wait for the next near miss. This hurricane season started really early. Emily is turning into a category 4 monster and I fear for anything in her way. May source of these waves, we enjoyed so intensely, not become someone's nightmare.

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