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Quick decission. Connection called me up yesterday that he was going for a windsurf session on Klein. Hilde and I closed down the shop for sunday and joined him, together with Nigel, Mylene and her brother Witse. So 6.30 wakeup call and off we went. Having had good winds for two weeks allready, we were pretty sure that we'd get some. And we did. The south point of the island was producing very nice rideable 4ft surf, while just further up perfect ramps where waiting. Just a half hour into our new playground and we where trying moves we had never had the chance to try, including fruitloops and airspocks. Connection claimed mayor shaka's and I very, very nearly claimed my first goiter. Time went on too fast and we really had to be kicked of our boards and hurry to the boat. I swear the next time we're going to camp there. Trully a perfect windsurf spot.

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