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One freezing night in the tent later. Never knew wind-chill like this in the Caribbean.We woke up to find out we where not the only campers here on Sorobon. It seems that this was family camping weekend for Bonaire. I think they'd been windsurfing before the first light of dawn. That made our, get up early and kite in prohibited Sorobon plan, infeasible. Fortunately we had our windsurfing gear too. It looked like a basic 6.0 day, but when we had just rigged, the sun came out and the wind started blowing.22+ knots on the first day. Yeah. I've planned my training week to coincide with Slovenia's Ziga's trip, with who I had trained on the Flaka last year. Training with Ziga seems very fruitful, we've both got the Flaka in no time. This year we have Chachos and Ponches on the schedule. After the day sailing we went to Ziga's and met up with his girlfriend Nina and his friend Dusan. Because we slept so bad, Ziga offered us a bed, which we gladly accepted.

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