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Hilde woke up early to pickup Pieter from the airport. Pieter had asked her to sail a catemaran from Curacao to Bonaire with him. Pieter competed in the Curacao Regatta in the cat devision, and now the cat had to be returned. It turned out that there were two cats that had to return to Bonaire. Hilde teamed up with Edward, on a slower cat. Starting from Jan Thiel, they estimated the trip would take about 6-8 hours. There was not too much wind, but the waves where cooperating, the ocean was almost flat. Hilde would call me when she'd be in Bonaire, but as night fell, I hadn't heard anything. I called Pieter, who told me that he had just arrived, and that the other cat was taking much longer then expected. It was now dark, and I was beginning to get worried. Fortunately, I remembered, Hilde wore a wetsuit because on a cat, at night it can get quiete chilly. Finally after 9 hours of sailing, Hilde and Edward reached dry land in Kralendijk. In all her exitement Hilde had forgot to pack her passport and since she had to come back by plane, I had to send it to her. Anyway Hilde came home the following day, and was totally exhausted.

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