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A very low pressure system has moved itself in our region. This system is very special in the fact that it moves slowly. South swell last week and big swell since then. Swell periods of 12, which is very uncommon in our neck of the woods. Edwin, Robby and I decided to check out Klein Curacao. We filled up Edwins "La Rocha" and headed up to the island. On the way over we could allready see the long periods. The sea, normally choppy, was a nice smooth hilly desert. Klein was going off. The whole north side was on long shooting barrel. The big rocks however made it very dangerous. We decided to surf the righthander. The wind, which came from the wrong direction, made the wave choppy. Had it been from the normal direction we would have had the best wave of the caribbean that day. However, it still was very nice to see Klein working for a change.

Update: Meanwhile Kanoa is have a light offshore breeze and giant waves. Check Ro's picture.

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