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We wake up early, sure not to miss breakfast. Eating as much we can, aware that this is our only sure meal of the day. In our hotel room, we install our ceramic water purifier, which purifies 6 liter of water in a couple of hours. Michiel and I searched the whole of Leiden for this device and we're happy we found one. The surf is rocking. As we walk to Lohis, we see someone dropping in on an amazing hollow fast wave. He stalls his board and enters the barrel. The wave chews him up and spits him out, as he blasts down the smacking the wave as if it just stole his car. Everybody has to find his momentum in these waves. They are like nothing I've ever surfed before. After the morning session, we chill out in one of the cozy chairs, which are suspended from every three on the island. We decide to take our first boat trip to Colas, named after the Coca Cola factory on the island. On the way over I try to learn Divi from one of the boats man, Raahl. Colas is a very hollow lefthander, for regular footed Eddy and me it is straight down the line racing. On the way back Michiel catches a nice king fish. It will feed all five of us tonight.

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