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After a long 18hrs journey from Amsterdam to Male, Michiel, Edwin, Eddy and I finally arrive at the Maldivian Airport. After our luggage has been checked for alcohol, drugs and unislamic literature a speedboat takes us to Lohifushi. Lohifushi is one of the 1200 islands the Maldivian islands consist of. It is one of the resort islands, tourist are confined to. The 200 populated local islands can only be visited if you have a permit. On the boat trip to Lohifushi, we pass numerous surf breaks, which we hope to surf the coming 21 days. Kali welcomes us at the jetty. He tells us that Lohis, the housebreak is going off. We can't wait to check it out. Every glimpse of this place is like a photo from a magazine. I feel very fortunate to be standing on this magic island. After we've passed out from the long flight we take our first surf session. The waves are powerful and we hope we get the chance to get used to the conditions before the swell grows. After this session we are starving. There is just one problem. This is a resort island. No supermarkets, just restaurants. Restaurants require money and we have none. Our hotel package includes only breakfast. We realize that in order to survive, we'll have to use all the fishing and cooking gear we sneaked in with our surfboards. But tonight, we'll dine in the restaurant, discussing how we'll turn our four star hotel room into a survival kitchen...

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