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Ivan the terrible has spared us. A couple of hours before atacking Bonaire head first, he changed direction towards the north west. If it would have done that just 3hours later, Aruba, Curacao and Bonaire as we know it would have seized to exist. Checking out the extensive damage in Grenada, Jamaica and the U.S we as an terrible unprepared island group are now downgraded to a two-life cat. (Having spend 7 lifes to avoid Ivan). Ivan's waves only mutilated some beaches, including Canoa (surfbeach) and St Joris (kitebeach). The morning after Ivan brought perfect glass swell. Surfers who surfed it at 6.00 AM said it was8 ft barreling at canoa. We arrived at 9.00 AM. It had allready decreased in size, but it was still cleaner then I ever saw at Canoa. 4 to 5ft perfect glass barrels. However, after 30 minutes in the water the wind started changing from a light breeze offshore to a somewhat stronger breeze cross offshore/onshore.It got a bit mushyer, but was still very surfable.

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