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We have an unwelcomed guest in our region. Hurricane Ivan (c4) is comming and nothing can stop him. He's arriving later today. The way it looks now, he'll miss us by a few hundered kilometers. Hilde and I take the treath seriously. We've taped our windows, secured all surf, windsurf and kite equipment, stood in the line for bread at the bakery and check the internet frequently. Boats in our neighbourhood are seeking shelter, going to the ski-bay. Our neighbour tight massive ropes to his vessels. The day started out with no wind and flat sees. The sky is, however, turning darker by the minute and it occasionally rains. Jeroen W. from Aruba called me yesterday with the predicted massive waves for Arashi, Westpoint and Fishermans. For now, I cannot think about surfing these predicted huricane swells tommorow or the day after. Right now, I'm just concentrating on making sure we'll emerge from under Ivan's grip without any damage.

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